We Do Drywall Taping Or Finishing

Camrose Drywall Taping is the taping company to go to in Camrose and area. Personally myself I started as a taper only, that all I did for many years. This is where my roots lay and this is where I shine. Even with a drywall job of poor quality, even a good taper can make your walls look perfectly flat. I like to call myself an illusionist, we make things  that are not flat, look flat  !

Residential Taping

Whatever it is, we’ve done it before. From restoration to small renovations, finishing your basement or building the brand new home, we’ve done it before. We’ve ready to tackle any job, no matter the size even if its just one wall, we are ready to come and do the job. Don’t try to tape yourself if you got a room which needs to be nice, hey if its your garage your doing, by all means watch my video and do it yourself. But if your redoing your bathroom, and you don’t want any defects, or just hve the time for it, we are here. Call us now !

Commercial Taping

Got a major commercial space to finish, we have the man power to accomplish any job. We are fully equip and ready to tackle even the biggest jobs. Schools, apartment buildings, stores, commercial space, we can do your taping job, in a timely fashion. Our tools of the trade make it that we can really get lots of taping done everyday, we don’t use common household tools most of the time, we use mechanical tools which give use the advantage, in time and in quality of work. For any major projects and the Camrose area, don’t hesitate, call us for more information.