We Do Drywall Texture

Texturing is the final touch of the job. We like to do texture once the walls are painted helping the painter a little, since after the textured ceilings are done, he has to be really careful while painting. We’ve done many types of texture, we do california knockdown texture, we do just a regular spray texture, really think or thin ( owners choice ), we’ve done stump brush texture, skip trowel textures, popcorn style texture. We also do little fancier style sometimes, like a sea shell border or a nice painted border. We’ve also done ceiling stamps with different stencils making vines, leaves, or whatever it is you want.

Residential Texturing

Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, we’re there to finish up your ceilings. We do patches, repairs, water damage, new construction … All sorts of textures, the choices are limitless, whatever it is that you saw, or that you want, we can do it. If your just getting tired of looking at that old ceiling, we’re ready to come in, scrape it all off and making it all new again. We have no ideal how getting your ceiling redone really brings a home back to life. Painting it is just not the same, a brand new look is unbeatable. Of course we do new homes as well, peak ceilings, high areas, painted borders, whatever it is your planing, we’re the ones to call !

Commercial Texturing

Our team is small but we are quick. Our texturing machines are built to handle any size jobs. From big to small, high and low, we are ready to tackle it! We work in with painters and board and everyone to all work in harmony. We know that commercial buildings often are a progression type construction, and we need to work together to plan. We guarantee all our ceilings, and are ready to do what it takes to make every customers a happy customer.