Project Description

Client: SpanWest
Location: Drayton Valley, A.B.
Surface Area: 8,000 sq.ft²
Year Completed: 2016
General Contractor: Leigh Builders

The Drayton Valley project was one of a kind, cement ceilings, sprinkler systems, elevators and more. This building was designed with one thing in mind, comfort. With over 24,000 sq.ft² of apartment floor, and an 8,000 sq.ft² parkade, this was one of the biggest jobs CDT has taken.

The Challenges

A cement ceiling, what are we going to do with this. CDT has never encountered this and no one can tell us how it’s done. So we do to experiment here and see what works. We found tape tape does stick perfectly find to cement and we can do our corners like usual.

Another problem we encountered was the ceiling was rough, the cement finish was not good enough for a nice texture. We decided to coat all the ceilings by hand with a hawk and trowel and sand every inch of the ceilings to a nice finish for texture.