Drayton Valley Project Completed

It was a good time in Drayton Valley, this project took in the end a 3 month of work but CDT did it, we wrapped it up. We were lucky to work with a great builder, Leigh Builders, on this project.

We were really happy to be apart of this project, the building was owned by SpanWest Construction, and the construction of this building was of top quality. The ceilings were all build of cement slabs and this was a first for us, we were a little unsure on how to do the top angles with the cement ceilings, but after a little testing, we found that tape would adhere to the cement no problems. This was really a fun project for us with new challenges that were never faced before. The supervisor, Francois Allaire, on this project was fun to work with and did a great job at keeping everyone happy. We didn’t actually contract the drywall end of this job but we did have the taping and texturing end of the project. Completion of this job was done in time, with everyone been happy. Owner Josh was more then happy with our work, and we possibly might have the chance to work again with them in St. Paul in november 2016. Was happy to work with all the trades here, till next time boys !

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