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Are you living in the Beaumont, Alberta or in the Camrose area in Canada and need to have drywall, taping or texturing done within your home or office? Here at Camrose Drywall and Taping, we are simply the best drywall, taping and texturing company in the Beaumont, Alberta and Camrose area. We have been in business since 2005 and are considered the leaders in drywalling, taping and texturing in the Beaumont, Alberta area.

We offer specialized services in both new and older construction.

When you visit our website, you will see poignant and powerful testimonies, that tell you about the high quality of our work. And while our main focus is installing and finishing drywall, taping and texturing ceilings, our professionals can do any type of work related to drywall, taping or texturing, for any type of building. We do both residential and commercial projects in the area, and our clients could not be more pleased.

We offer professional, knowledgeable and friendly customer service, the highest quality of work, durability, finished projects done on schedule, a certified warranty and guarantee on our work and only the best certified drywallers, tapers and texturers in the beaumont area.

Customer Service

I, Philippe Allaire, the owner and manager at Camrose Drywall and Taping, is the leader of this one man army. I contract out all of the professionals needed for any project. I work with each project lead one on one, to ensure that they go above and beyond, in delivering what each client expects and needs. Armed with over fifteen years of drywalling experience, I know what I’m doing. I’m knowledge, professional, friendly and best of all, I’m the owner and manager of the company, I put my name behind every job, you know that I’m always going to do the right thing for your project.

Keeping our customers happy is a top priority for us, because we want your repeat business.

High Quality Work

Here at Camrose Drywall and Taping, we offer only the highest quality of work. We take the drywalling, taping and texturing business for your project seriously. We understand that you only want the highest quality of work done for your home or office. And that is exactly what we offer. We are the leading drywallers in the beaumont area and we make sure to show you this through our high quality work. Drywalling is a difficult process for the everyday layman. Here at Camrose Drywall, we do the professional work, that actually looks like it has been done by a professional. High quality work is the CDT way and the only way we do business.


Philippe Allaire, the owner and manager at Camrose Drywall and Taping, makes sure that he only orders materials for your project that will last. There is nothing worse for a residential or commercial project than having something break down only a few years after the work has been done. Our projects are durable, because we only order the best materials in the beaumont area.

Finished Projects Done on Schedule

There is nothing worse than having to extend a budget because a so called professional cannot finish the project on time. Here at Camrose Drywall and Taping, we sit down with you and your expectations and help you understand every step of the way, where we are, what needs to be done next and the amount of time that it will take. We actually do what we say we will do. This gives you, the leading project manager, the assurance and comfort that your project will be finished within your time schedule. And if there is a problem, that was not expected during the project, we let you know that as well. We want to make sure that you the client, are pleased with how quickly and efficiently we can finish your project.

Certified Warranty on Our Work

Here at Camrose Drywall and Taping we always offer a guaranteed warranty on our work. We are the leading drywallers in the region and we believe in what we do. With a certified warranty and guarantee on our work, for every project done, you have nothing to worry about for your next big or small project. Whatever the work, we guarantee that you will be pleased.

So, if you live in the Beaumont Alberta or Camrose area here in Canada and are in need of any type of drywall, taping or texturing done, then give us a call, telephone number1-780-678 7529. You may also contact us online via the website, Our mailing address is 4702 61st Street Camrose, Alberta T4V 2H7 Canada. Camrose Drywall and Taping is here for all of your drywalling, taping or texturing projects if you just contact us. It only takes one call for us to deliver high quality work, on that special project you have been dreaming of.

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